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Prince Harry always compares himself to ‘the first in line’

Psychiatrist Raj Persaud weighed in on the reasons Prince Harry is always discontent.

During his conversation won TalkTV, Raj said: “How good you feel about your life, isn’t dependent on how well you’re actually doing, it depends on who you compare yourself to.

“In this particular case, maybe Harry, or someone second in line to the throne of England, would always be comparing themselves to the first in line and maybe that comparison means that no matter how well they’re doing, they never feel they’re doing as well as the person they’re comparing themselves to,” the psychiatrist said.

“The reason why I think this theory is very interesting is the reaction has been, ‘Prince Harry leads a very privileged life and is doing very well financially, why on earth is he discontent?’” said Persaud.

“Well, comparison theory says it’s obvious why he’s discontent. No matter how well he’s doing, he’s always comparing himself to his older brother and he will never be the king of England.”


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