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Prince Harry and Meghan ‘breaking apart’ and ‘leading separate lives’ in terms of public duties

Prince Harry and Meghan are reportedly “breaking apart” and “leading separate lives” in terms of their “public duties”, according to a royal commentator.

The commentator’s claims come just days before Harry departs for the UK to attend the coronation without his wife.

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘breaking apart’ in terms of public duties?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “breaking apart” and “leading separate lives” in terms of their work, according to a royal commentator.

The royal commentator in question – Celia Walden – made the claims during a discussion with Dan Wootton on GB News last night (Monday, April 24).

“There are already whispers of the idea that Harry and her [Meghan] seem to be breaking apart from each other in terms of their agendas lately,” Celia told Dan.

“You know, that they are both sort of leading slightly sort of separate lives in terms of their public duties at the moment,” she then continued.

“I suppose that’s tricky for her [Meghan] too because she needs the whole coupledom thing sort of front and centre,” she then added.

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘leading separate lives’ with their work?

“What do you think is going on there, Celia?” Dan then asked. “Because we haven’t seen them together for months and months and months. And previously she described them as being like salt and pepper.”

“Yes, well, I don’t know. It does seem – of all the different scenarios you and I have discussed on this very show – I didn’t actually envisage – and she’s [Meghan] pretty predictable – but I didn’t ever envisage her saying no [to attending the coronation],” Celia then said.

“Because I felt that she had to have this moment to remain relevant,” she then continued. “And the reason for her doing so is still a bit of a mystery.”

Celia then went on to speculate that Meghan‘s snubbing of the coronation could be down to her fear of being booed.

Duchess of Sussex rejects Harry’s romantic gesture

Celia and Dan’s scathing remarks about Meghan come not long after she was spotted rejecting a romantic gesture from Harry at a basketball game last night (Monday, April 24).

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in attendance at a Lakers game yesterday. During the game, the Kiss Cam landed on them.

Prince Harry leaned in for a kiss, but Meghan playfully rejected his advances. While Meghan did make it clear to Harry that “no means no”, she still has a lot of love for him, according to body language expert Judi James.

“Her eye-engage with Harry prompted a very flattering look of love, facial-expression softening response,” she told the Daily Mail.

She then said that Meghan did show “subtle restraint” to Harry. However, Judi explained that Meghan’s actions showed “playfulness” and “shyness”.

“But she did it in a way that still showed love for him by blending signals of shyness and playful flirting with some tie-signs that said ‘no’,” she added.

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