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King Charles Finally Gives Prince Harry And Meghan Markle A Piece Of His Mind After Controversial And Salacious Revelations

After breaking all sales records with SparePrince Harry, sans Meghan Markle, hit the road on a promotional tour. The soldier sat with British and American reporters to discuss the controversial memoir.

During his lengthy conversations with journalists and TV hosts/comedians, Prince Harry bared his soul once again about his own insecurities and paranoia. He also shared his resentments for King Charles IIIPrince William, and Camilla, Queen Consort.

Prince Harry was unflinching while painting the unhealthy or almost toxic environment he grew up in because of the Royal Family. Despite his animosity towards the British royal family, the Duke of Sussex revealed his desire to reconcile with them in the near future.

Prince Harry went as far as saying that he wants his two young children, Archie and Lilibet Diana, to have close relationships with their royal relatives. Prince Harry told British interviewer Tom Bradby: “I’ve done everything I can in private not to get to this stage.

They’ve shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile up until this point. And I’m not sure how honesty is burning a bridge. Silence only allows the abuser to abuse, right? So I don’t know how staying silent is ever gonna make things better.”

Prince Harry added on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper that he is looking forward to him and Prince William and King Charles “being able to find peace” in the near future. For a brief moment, it seemed that the reconciliation that Prince Harry was dreaming of was about to come true.

Several media outlets reported that King Charles and Prince William had set a meeting with Prince Harry and possibly Markle days before they attended the Coronation ceremony.

A royal source told The Times: “It’s fixable. Both sides need to hold their hands up and admit. We didn’t get everything right, and we got a lot wrong”… It’s going to take flexibility on all sides, but it can be done.” A source close to King Charles spoke to Piers Morgan and said not so fast.

King Charles gave Prince Harry and Markle a good piece of his mind by letting them know that he is not planning to reconcile with them anytime soon after they revealed that he is ruthless, his wife is a conniving villain, and the heir has been fighting anger issues.

Via Express, Piers Morgan has claimed that he spoke to a person close to King Charles who made it clear that reconciliation is “most definitely not on the cards” for King Charles III.

The controversial TV personality claimed that he had “impeccable sources” who believe that His Majesty has not contacted Prince Harry and has no plans to reach out. A source said: “There has been no conversations or contact.” Morgan said that his sources explained that King Charles was “absolutely livid.”


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