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Harry and Meghan have become ‘international laughing stock’ says US TV host

According to a US TV personality, Harry and Meghan are a “international laughing stock.”

Megyn Kelly, a US TV host, claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have become “an international laughing joke” and are solely to responsible for this.

She was making a comment regarding the couple’s response to the most recent South Park episode.

When asked if South Park was to responsible for the couple’s unfavourable perceptions, Kelly responded, “South Park wasn’t to blame for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex considering legal action against the show.”

She claimed, “This actually got to the point where they had to come out through their spokesman and deny it,” in an interview with Sky News Australia.

In response to Meghan and Harry’s declaration that they won’t file a lawsuit against the programme, Kelly stated, “Their true issue is that they’ve turned into an international laughing stock and for that they don’t have South Park to blame, they have only themselves to blame.”

Megyn Kelly declared: “Really, it’s all bullshit. Boring, completely unfounded reports.”


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