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King Charles Obliterates Rumors He Is Weak Towards Prince Harry And Meghan Markle By Officially Erasing Them From The Monarchy

Many experts in the field asserted that there would be few repercussions because King Charles III had a soft spot for Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, despite the fact that the couple amassed a vast wealth by disclosing all of the British royal family’s dark secrets.

A royal specialist claims that King Charles is still a devoted father who longs to mend their terribly strained relationship despite his anger and aggravation over Prince Harry’s behaviour.

It would thus make sense why King Charles is pleading with Markle and Prince Harry to accept his invitation to the coronation.

“King Charles is a monarch, but he’s also a father,” recently revealed royal author and analyst Angela Levin. He adores Harry. Even though he may not agree with what he is doing, he still loves him and sees a weakness in him. He doesn’t want to forfeit his sonhood to him.

As he expelled Prince Harry and Markle from the monarchy they have repeatedly tarnished over the past three years, King Charles said enough with the talk of “weakness” this week.

His Majesty is in charge of several projects’ rebranding, relaunching, and updating in advance of his coronation event.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust’s new website was just unveiled by Buckingham Palace. Several people were shocked to learn that Markle and Prince Harry had vanished entirely from the scene.

The organisation was very significant to Prince Harry and his marriage. They worked to “provide funding, tools, and support for young Commonwealth leaders to help them transform their communities across agriculture, education, employability, and more,” according to the Daily Mail, after Queen Elizabeth II appointed the formidable couple president and vice president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left their royal duties in 2020, they lost their illustrious positions.

King Charles, Prince William, and other members of the Royal Family are rumoured to be beyond incensed that Prince Harry and Markle’s hugely popular Netflix series attacked Queen Elizabeth’s legacy and her 70 years of devotion to the monarchy and the Commonwealth.

Author and lecturer Afua Hirsh discussed racism, England’s colonial heritage, and slavery in the third episode of Harry & Meghan.

According to the expert, “Britain calculated that it needed to offer independence to these nations in a way that maintained its commercial and capitalist interest. Hence, it gave rise to the Commonwealth, a select club. The Commonwealth is still referred to be a group of pals with similar ideals. The use of words truly bothers me. The Commonwealth is what I sometimes refer to as “Empire 2.0”

After the series cast doubt on the late Queen and the British monarchy, Charlotte Griffiths of the Daily Mail responded, writing, “It’s almost lucky that Queen Elizabeth isn’t alive to see this because the Commonwealth was so essential to her and bringing people together. Unlike [in the documentary], where it is disparaged as a colonial organisation utilised by Britain to extort money and resources from the rest of the globe, it is a voluntary organisation. She would’ve been appalled.


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