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King Charles Conspiring To Prevent Prince Harry And Meghan Markle From Shaming Him On Coronation Day

It has been confirmed that King Charles III is going out of his way to make sure that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the coronation ceremony in May. Despite Prince William‘s public objection to his father’s choice, His Majesty has decided to call in a neutral third party to broker the deal — Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

The Daily Mail revealed that Welby, who has close ties to the entire Royal Family, has been called in to negotiate with the warring brothers. Many believe that King Charles appears to be doing his best to repair the family rift, while others are wondering what if he had another sneaky plan in the back of his head.

Some royal observers think King Charles is working hard to have Prince Harry in London on May 6 for the ceremony to prevent him from making a high-profile appearance on live television. Reports claimed that Prince Harry could easily steal the spotlight from Camilla, Queen Consort, and King Charles on the biggest day of their lives.

Prince Harry, who has a million stories to tell and sell, could also humiliate King Charles and his wife during the coronation. Millions watched Prince Harry as he charmed, joked, and showed confidence while promoting his book Spare during multiple television interviews.

Meghan Markle’s husband delivered a stellar performance while sitting with Michael Strahan on ABC’s Good Morning America. The Duke of Sussex brought epic ratings for Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes on CBS News.

Several networks loved what they saw and have decided that Prince Harry is the ideal person to take on the role of commentator for his father and stepmother’s historical coronation ceremony. At least two TV giant networks are offering Prince Harry millions to accept the high-profile gig on May 6 because they believe he would be rating gold.

Royal correspondent Charles Rae, who has followed the British royals for more than three decades, spoke about the lucrative offer made to Prince Harry via Express: “There are also rumors that Harry has been offered a lot of money by two broadcasters to commentate on the Coronation. Of course, if they came, their presence would undoubtedly take the shine away from Charles and Camilla on what should be a fantastic celebration – not only for them but the country.”

He added: “Clearly the focus would be on them and not the newly crowned King and Queen Consort.” According to the media outlet, CBS and NBC have shown interest in collaborating with Prince Harry for the most significant event of 2023.

Thus far, King Charles’s sly plan has not worked because Prince Harry and Markle have demanded an apology to attend the coronation. The pair will never get their “big sorry” from the royals and will therefore skip the event for Archie‘s birthday and a massive payday.

The veteran royal expert said: “In saying that, I believe they will be invited. Remember, after the Oprah interview, they were invited to the Platinum Jubilee. However, they have the perfect excuse not to come, as on the same day, it is Archie’s fourth birthday. They may choose to stay in California to celebrate that instead.” The Sussexes might have the upper hand for now.


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