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Prince Harry ‘can’t preach’ against royals but then ‘turn and do the same thing’

Prince Harry called out for wanting to preach to his family about the ‘error of their ways’ despite engaging in similar ‘tit-for-tat revelations’ himself.

This claim has been issued by royal commentator and author Daniela Esler. She shed light on it all, in a new piece for the New Zealand Herald.

She believes that even Prince Harry’s clapping back to ITV’s Tom Brady also is ‘uncomfortable’ because it’s not ‘owning your story’ if you then resort to the same self-serving approach that you have accused others of?”

For those unversed, in his chat with the TV presenter, Prince Harry claimed, “my family has been briefing the press solidly for well over a decade. So, I’m sorry that my owning my story and being able to tell my own story is upsetting to some people.”

In light of this, Ms. Elser believes, “Harry can’t have his Battenberg cake and eat it too. He can’t perch atop the mount, preaching about the error of his family’s ways and their willingness to tattle about him and then engage in exactly the same sort of tit-for-tat revelations.”

“In Harry’s telling, the way the royal family operates when they are far away from the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony and rummy public eyes is as a flawed series of courts, all locked in an unsavory, unseemly battle for good press. In that quest to win the PR game, the various frontline Windsors are willing to climb over one another, a climate where self-interest trumps family. Icky stuff indeed.”


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