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When Will Prince Harry Go Completely Bald Like Big Brother William? A Hair Transplant Surgeon May Have The Answer

Will Prince Harry go bald? One surgeon predicts Harry will look more like Prince William at the top. Here’s what he has to say.

Prince Harry’s Famous Hair

William and Harry couldn’t be more different if you just looked at their crowns. William is famously a bald man, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the new British coins with William’s face on them. Harry’s famously a redhead, having inherited the trait from the Spencer side of his family. Harry’s hair fuels conspiracy theories about who his real father is.

Interview with The sun, a top hair transplant surgeon provides insight into Harry’s future. Dr. Manish Mittal says, “At the speed it’s receding, it is likely that Harry will be completely bald in two years, certainly by the time he’s 40.” At 37, his hair already isn’t as lush as it once was. In 2011, when William and Kate Middleton were married, his hair was much thicker.

According to the surgeon, Harry has many options. He could accept his baldness as William and Prince Charles did before him. He could either buy a fitted wig, like his ancestors did, or get a transplant. Transplants are performed over several surgeries and last approximately 48,000.

Is There Any Way To Do This?

London-based specialist in hair transplants, Mittal. It’s extremely unlikely that he’s ever treated Harry or even met him. He must have these credentials if he was to be trusted with Harry’s life. Sun It would be a shame not to mention it. Harry is not aware of this information, so the doctor cannot speculate about what might happen.

It’s true that Harry doesn’t have as much hair at 37 as he did at 26. That’s what happens when you get older. However, he’s still got a full head of hair. To fit this timeline, Harry would have to lose his hair at an alarming pace. Princess Diana’s father never went completely bald either, so this story feels totally made-up.

Eyes On Top

Tabloids are determined to trash Harry for any reason they can think of, so it’s not surprising his hairline is so in focus. The National EnquirerMeghan Markle claimed Harry was being forced to have implants in order to maintain his appearance. This simply wasn’t true. The tabloid claimed that Harry would go bald because of the stress a few months later. 

It’s been a year since those stories hit the shelves, and Harry’s still got plenty of hair. This specialist does not have a clear vision and is simply speculating as to what Harry might experience. This story is absurd, even though it seems unlikely.


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