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Prince Harry Draws Criticism Over Upcoming United Nations Speech

It was recently announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be addressing the United Nations in New York this month to discuss climate change and the dangers it poses. However, the royal couple is receiving backlash for their upcoming appearance. 

News Anchor Slams Harry: ‘What Qualifies Him To Address The United Nations?’

GB News anchor Eamonn Holmes slammed the couple in a recent broadcast, questioning why the pair would have even been invited in the first place. “How has Prince Harry been invited to the United Nations?” he asked viewers.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl, who was appearing on the show, joked, “I knew this was going to irritate you greatly!” Holmes replied, “I’m just saying, what qualifies him to address the United Nations?”

“Well, he’s a former member of the Royal Family, isn’t he?” Nicholl explained. “He’s a name.” Holmes could not be swayed, though, saying, “What’s he got to say that will change the world, or influence the world?”

Royal Expert Defends Prince: ‘Harry Is Probably Going To Be Pretty Impressive’

Nicholls pointed out that the couple will be discussing climate change, an issue that both have commented on before. “Harry is probably going to be pretty impressive on that front,” she said, giving the couple’s statements on the COVID-19 pandemic as an example of what we might see in their UN address. 

“Whether they like him or not, over there in America they do tend to listen to him,” she shrugged. Holmes continued to criticize the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saying, “My problem with this is, fine if he’s got a message on climate change, on poverty or goodness knows what.”

“Or is he there as a showpiece, or profile, or shining a spotlight on the Archewell Foundation? He’s either in favor of all these things or he’s there as a business,” the news anchor concluded. 

Holmes’ History Of Criticizing The Couple

This is not the first time Holmes has slammed Harry. Before the couple’s appearance at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, he joked that if they did actually show up, the rest of the royal family should “just throw him over the balcony and her [Meghan] with him.”

Holmes has also come under fire for his criticisms of Markle in the past, so it’s no surprise the news anchor is criticizing the couple before they’ve even given their speech. It’s unknown what exactly they will touch on while discussing climate change, but the couple have become outspoken voices in the fight for a greener world and will most likely give an impressive speech. 


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