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Harry uses ’emphatic empathy’ like Meghan in his letter, says expert

Prince Harry has said to have used Meghan Markle’s approach for his letter to mark Remembrance Day, analyzed by an expert.

“Today on Remembrance Sunday our members have received a very special letter from Prince Harry,” the official account tweeted.

During her conversation with Express, body language Judi James said that the father-of-two used “emphatic empathy” just like his wife.

“This very sweet-toned letter to children who have lost parents in conflict triggers Harry’s emotional responses to the loss of his mother and he is keen to let the children know that he shares their pain because he has also suffered,” Judi explained.

“This is a commonly-used technique of empathy,” the expert added. “Harry takes a very personal tone here, telling the children that ‘we share a bond’.

“When he does this, Harry probably reveals more about his own pain than he does focus on that of others.”


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