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Prince Harry Just Showed King Charles And Prince William How To Play Dirty

The pal, who remained anonymous, told the media outlet that Prince Harry had this to say: “This is going to be quite shocking. Those Brits need to learn a lesson.”

During the interview, Prince Harry and Markle played it dirty and rattled the 1200-year institution with accusations of racism, neglect, and human errors.

Prince Harry is standing behind the harsh comments he made about King Charles III and his brother, Prince William, but is denying the news that he bashed an entire nation.

In an angry statement, Prince Harry claimed that the article contained many inaccuracies — but did not point them out.

The Duke of Sussex reminded the world that he served in the Army for ten years. He took part in two dangerous tours in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry said that based on his past military experience and his respect for the British people, he would never speak ill of them.

The spokesperson said: “This is a baseless hit piece masquerading as journalism. This story is riddled with inaccuracies, not least of which is a quote erroneously attributed to Prince Harry.”

He added: “To accuse a man who spent 10 years serving his country of wanting to teach that same country a lesson is not only an attempted distraction but an unfortunate and predictable tabloid strategy. To pit him against his country is shameful and manipulative, especially when Prince Harry has never spoken ill of the British public.”

While he might not be aware of it, Prince Harry has just opened himself up to a lot of trouble with King Charles and Prince William.

In a matter of days, Prince Harry and Markle will drop their Netflix series, which will cause more damage to the Royal Family. The pair will bend the rules by dropping more truth bombs to hurt the monarchy.

Prince Harry has not just shown the royals how to fight back; he has (foolishly/irresponsibly) given them full authorization to go hard and even play dirty to clear their names and reputations if the view that his docuseries is “riddled with inaccuracies” and contain “quotes that are quote erroneously attributed” to one or several members of the Royal Family.


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