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Harry, Meghan could be offered ‘another lifeline’ if King Charles snubs the couple

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be snubbed by King Charles III for his coronation next year which will only prove beneficial for the Sussexes.

According to a royal commentator the expected snub could play into Harry and Meghan’s hands bringing them a phenomenal pay cheque.

Taking to his YouTube channel, Neil Sean said: “Everybody is hankering on at the fact that if Harry is saying negative things in this forthcoming book, that could make things take a turn for the worst.”

“I truly don’t believe that King Charles would be that cruel to his youngest son, but as ever, Harry and Meghan have been offered another lifeline.

“All the major networks out in the United States are offering them “name your own price” deals if they’re not invited to be commentators on that spectacular occasion.

“If those things are now fractured to the point where there is no return, the pay cheque could be phenomenal,” Neil added.

The expert also claimed that “senior level” people with media organizations are “desperate” to sign a deal with the parents of two.


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