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Crude Rumor Claims Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Apparently Desperate To ‘Cash In’ On Royal Fame Before It’s Too Late

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle desperate to cash in on their royal names? One report says the Sussexes are working quickly to make money off their fame before it’s too late. On its face, this seems like just another hit piece. Here’s what we know.

‘Harry & Meghan’s Sell-By Date Expires!’

According to the Globe, Harry and Markle are desperately trying to wring as much money from their celebrity as possible before Kate Middleton and Prince William become more famous.

The two have managed to sing numerous megabucks deals since leaving the royal family, but that won’t be enough. The two were snubbed by William and Middleton at the Platinum Jubilee and supposedly left humiliated.

“They’ve just about worn out their welcome across the pond and in the U.S. by their nasty comments about the royal family and their overblown attempts to be woke,” a source explains. “People are getting turned off by their pushiness and self-promoting proclamations about how wonderful and important they are.”

The shifting spotlight means Markle and Harry have a finite amount of time to make money before the world loses interest. “Eventually Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte would become the new, interesting characters,” a royal insider says. When that day comes, Harry and Markle will apparently be left destitute.

Will We Forget Prince Harry?

It’s hard to even imagine a world where the public will suddenly forget all about Meghan Markle and Harry. Even more perplexing is how the tabloid fails to mention the pair’s own children.

Frankly, it would be excellent if the media just allowed Archie and Lilibet to grow up privately, but come on now. Surely we’re doomed to hit pieces about the pair and the status of their own relationships with their cousins.

It’s impossible to know for sure what will happen when William’s kids come of age. The monarchy may have ceased to exist by then, or maybe Harry and Markle will have moved back to England.

Even with the future a total mystery, there’s no way the Globe’s prophecy could ever come true. Harry and Markle are too famous and too profitable to ever fall into obscurity.

There’s not an ounce of evidence on the table. All we have here is a hit piece glorifying Middleton and William while criticizing the Sussexes for being fame-hungry self-promoters.

We’d like to remind you that Markle and Harry have no social media, and it’s William who refused to even meet his niece when the family was in town. This is the royal double standard we’ve seen so many times before with a thin veneer of soothsaying thrown on top.

As Trashy As It Gets

We can never forget or forgive the Globe claiming Markle staged her miscarriage as a publicity stunt. It was false and bereft of humanity. Most recently, it reported Harry was just Markle’s puppet. There’s no insight to be found in this rag. It’s nothing but lopsided hatred. Move along.


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