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‘Obsessive’ Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘driven mad’ by ‘unhinged, lurid headlines

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly ‘gone completely mad’ because of their obsession with headlines. This claim against Prince Harry has been put forth by Jan Moir, the British columnist.

Moir started by writing, “A montage of nonsense to support this fear filled the screen: hate tweets from the unhinged, lurid headlines from trashy supermarket magazines published in Australia and America, robust reports from the British media.”

“This is the usual terrain that all celebrities must negotiate in the ugly world of modern communication. But instead of surfing it, the Sussexes obsessed over it and drove themselves mad in the process. They felt they deserved better and decided to do something about it.”

“In the end, Harry and Meghan left the UK because — they said — they wanted to be their ‘authentic selves’ and live authentic lives. Yet how ironic that it is very little that is authentic about this multi-million Netflix series. In fact, there is barely a second in which they are not acting or performing for their personal in-house camera team.”


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