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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Allegedly ‘Desperate For Cash,’ Supposedly Using Queen For Money, Sketchy Source Says

Are you Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are you going bankrupt? According to one report, they were beggars. Queen Elizabeth Cash at their last meeting. Gossip Cop investigates

‘Kate: They’re Shameless”

The cover of In Touch Markle and Harry reveal their identities “using the queen for money!”En route to Invictus Games in the United Kingdom, they stopped at the United Kingdom for a private meeting. According to a source, there was a cameraman recording the event for Netflix. “They stayed for just 25 minutes… the queen expected them to stay longer.” Her Majesty was also apparently disappointed that she didn’t get to meet Lilibet Diana.

Adding to the insult, the snitch says, Harry broke a promise to Elizabeth when he didn’t bring his daughter along. According to the source, “Not seeing her great-grandchildren is like a dagger to the heart.” As for Prince William and Kate Middleton, they add, they’re apparently disgusted with their behavior. They would have stopped it if they hadn’t been on a ski trip. Kate believes this, according to another source. “they should be ashamed of themselves.”

To save their apparently troubled megabucks deal, Harry and Markle needed quality footage for Netflix. According to the source, “One of the most emotional parts will be them going to see the queen, and they must have known that would be the case… it’s all great fodder for the Netflix documentary—which will probably save their $100 million deal.”

What’s Going On With The Sussexes?

This story is filled with contempt for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, every sentence in it is false. The cover of the magazine directly quotes Kate Middleton, but she hasn’t said a word about Markle and Harry in some time. The story accuses them of being hypocrites for claiming to hate cameras and then filming a documentary.

This documentary is about the philanthropic work done by the Invictus Games. Not the Sussexes’ personal life. They’ve made it abundantly clear that neither Markle nor Harry has any interest in a reality show. Both the palace and the Sussexes confirmed that the meeting was only Markle, Harry and Elizabeth. It’s mind-boggling that Netflix cameras would be allowed a private audience with Elizabeth what with The Crown in existence.

No, Markle and Harry weren’t exploiting Elizabeth to secure their Netlfix deal. Lawyers and contracts secure money. Furthermore, it’s not like anyone in this ecosystem needs the cash. This entire story is absurd. Harry and Markle’s meeting was very secret to begin with, so there’s no possible way Toucha special access right to the meeting. It would have broken the story if it did.

Nothing But Venom

This tabloid reported that Elizabeth was fighting Harry for access to his memoir. In reality, she was fighting for her own life against COVID-19. This alone is proof of the fact. In TouchIt doesn’t have the access it says it does.

Last month, it was claimed that Harry and Markle would divorce. Their trip to Invictus games disproves this story. It also created a trip to hell for Harry and Markle in New York City. They were also all smiles at the event. You’d be hard-pressed to find a less trustworthy outlet for royal news than this one.


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