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Dubious Gossip Says Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Apparently ‘Double-Crossing’ Royals With Supposed Second Oprah Interview

I’m Meghan Markle Other Prince Harry intend to sit with Oprah Winfrey for a follow up to their bombshell 2021 interview? A tabloid claims Sussex are working with talk show legend to shock the world once again. Let’s take a closer look at the story.

Is the royal family preparing for their next interview in Sussex?

Of new ideas, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not finished pleading their cause in front of the public. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met in a memorable way with Oprah Winfrey earlier last year and detailed Markle’s entry and eventual departure from the British royal family.

But now that the couple have been spotted visiting Winfrey’s Los Angeles home, sources fear another bombshell interview is in the works. And a “royal expert” warns the Sussexes that if they release another attack on their royal relatives, any hope of reconciliation will be dashed.

“I can’t imagine Charles or William ever trusting them again”, the realist dishes. “If Harry and Meghan make another revelation, it will spell the end of their relationship with the monarchy, not just the institution, but their kinsmen as well.” The insider adds that the Sussexes must be making the effort if they are to save their relationship with the royal family.

“The only way to heal the family split is for Harry and Meghan to stop playing the victims and abandon their projects involving the royal family,” notes the expert. “Eventually they will run out of ammo, but by then the damage will have been done. The royals won’t want them back and neither will the British public. It’s all so incredibly sad because they were once so popular.”

Is another interview with Bombshell in Sussex coming up?

This relationship is a classic lure and switch. The title of the article reads: “Bomb Interview Leaked!” But then the article just continues to speculate on what could to happen Self the Sussexes have another interview with Oprah Winfrey. The magazine actually has no more information than we do. But her efforts to mislead readers with an inaccurate title make her immediately unreliable in our book.

Besides, we already knew that the Sussexes were spotted driving towards Winfrey’s estate. It’s been over two weeks and there have been no more credible clues to their alleged second interview. But as we have known for over a year, the Sussexes are friends with Winfrey. It is far more likely that Harry and Markle were there for pleasure, not business.

And we have many reasons to believe that this is the case. First of all, Harry is currently writing a memoir. We doubt he’d sit down for an interview that will surely cover essentially the same bases.

But we’re also confident the couple wants to save their content for their streaming deal with Netflix. As their lack of streaming content for the service has come under immense scrutiny lately, it certainly wouldn’t look good if they were to create video content for other platforms.

More Sussex speculations from the tabloid

But this relationship is certainly not out of the ordinary new ideas. After their initial interview with Winfrey, the tabloid claimed that the unedited version contained all sorts of juicy secrets.

Then the magazine reported Markle was cheating on Winfrey by starting her talk show. And even alleged publication Prince Harry was bragging to Prince William that he was more popular. We cannot accept in good faith new ideasis word when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


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