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Harry, Meghan urged to ‘get stories straight’: ‘Too much inconsistency’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just been urged to ‘get their stories straight, especially in light of the make-or-break situation that is coming.

These claims have been made by Royally Us hosts Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi.

They warned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about getting their stories straight since people will soon “connect the dots” if nothing aligns.

Ms. Ross was the first to chime into the conversation and admitted, “There’s a lot of conversations about consistency and stories.”

“This is going to be especially with that Netflix docuseries coming up, the book coming up, all the recent interviews that Meghan has been doing.”

“People are going to start either connecting the dots and everything’s going to be consistent or they’re going to start finding holes.”

“I think there’s a big microscope on Meghan and Harry right now so I’m hopeful that they could have gotten their story together.”

Even Ms. Garibaldi chimed in before concluding and admitted, “Definitely I feel like this could be a make or break situation for the two of them depending on how well the public receives the book, how well people receive this Netflix documentary.”


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