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Prince Harry might’ve leaked King Charles’ ‘secret health battle’ that other royals don’t know

In his book, Spare, Prince Harry may have mentioned King Charles’ previously unknown health issues.

The Duke of Sussex revealed Charles was dealing with health issues while they were staying at Balmoral, the King’s secret Scottish castle, according to expert Daniela Elser via Daily Star.

Harry claimed to have “neck and back” issues, and according to the source, Elser thinks there may be “additional royal health problems” that other royal members are unaware of.

The duke stated in his memoir that the King need assistance with “helping him dress.”

If you open the wrong door, Pa might be getting dressed when you burst in. The portion stated, “Even worse, you might stumble in as he was performing his headstands.

These exercises, which were advised by his physio, proved to be the only effective treatment for Pa’s ongoing neck and back problems. Mostly old polo injuries

Expert Elser predicts that doubts about the royal family’s health status may surface in his article for news.com.au.

She wrote: “There has never before been any suggestion that the unflagging Charles might have been in ‘continuous pain’ for all the decades he was completing hundreds of engagements annually.

If we weren’t aware of this “continuous agony” condition, she remarked, what other royal health issues might we be unaware of?

“This is not the first time the world only learned much afterwards that Charles was in a much worse condition than anyone in a pinstriped suit,” she continued.


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