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Prince Harry ‘missing UK’ as ‘head over heart’ conflict intensifies

Prince Harry ‘missing the UK dearly’ and in conflict with his ‘head over his heart’.

This observation has made by body language expert Nick Davies in his interview with the Daily Star.

There, Nick was quoted saying, “Harry lights up and looks his playful self when talking about his Grandmother and making her laugh.”

“When Harry says ‘They welcomed us with open arms…’ his body language is initially congruent opening his arms to match, but then his hands rest on the inside of his knees and his right arm lowers more to stroke the inside of his calf looking like he’s self nurturing or lost something.”

“But when pushed on if he feels California is home, he says yes twice, with a long eye blink which I denotes incongruence, which is likely a head and heart conflict.”

While “His head logically told him he had to move his family from the UK because he didn’t feel they would be safe, as he’s said several times in the media, but I think from this his heart misses the UK.”

“He also says ‘this is home for now’, so we can’t rule out him moving back at some point,” he added before concluding. 


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