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Prince Harry slammed as ‘thoughtless’ by US TV host

A US TV host has brutally savaged Prince Harry for revealing the truth of his side in his newly released book Spare.

The Duke of Sussex has received fresh backlash for opening up about losing his virginity to an “older woman” who has since come forward. 

Royal commentator Megyn Kelly has slammed Harry as “thoughtless” for exposing himself in his own memoir, adding “the more we get to know him and the less we like him.”

“This is the latest example in how classless and thoughtless this guy is,” Megyn Kelly opined on Paul Murray’s Sky Australia show.

She added: “[It shows] how much better off he was when we didn’t know him. The more we get to know him, the less we like him. In fact, now it’s turning into active disdain.”

In his memoir, Spare, Harry describes how he fell into an intimate scene with an “older woman” who treated him like a “stallion”. Now, a woman has come forward claiming to be the one described in the encounter. She says she was, at the time, 19 years old to Harry’s 16.

“What he did to this poor woman, he made it sound like it was a Mrs Robinson situation where it was like an older woman, like the mother of a friend. No! She was four years older they were both teenagers,” claimed Ms Kelly.

She continued: “He left the trail of breadcrumbs right to the woman. She accurately saw it coming…she came out and said ‘All right fine, this is how it happened’. But [Harry’s] not a gentleman, Paul, he has no class.”


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