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Prince Harry Sparks Debate On Twitter Over ‘Birthright’ Argument For Children’s Royal Titles

Netizens reacted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s statement that receiving royal titles is their children’s “birthright.”

Archie and Lilibet’s royal titles had been an ongoing discussion until the Sussexes’ rep confirmed that they are officially a prince and princess in a statement confirming Lilibet’s christening last week.

In the statement to People and Page Six, Prince Harry and Markle’s spokesperson called the 1-year-old royal “princess.” The rep also mentioned that the royal titles are Archie and Lilibet’s “birthright,” which raised some eyebrows and sparked a debate on Twitter.

“To all those saying ‘It’s their birthright’, let us be reminded that #PrinceHarry has been complaining about his birthright since marrying #MeghanMarkle. And now he wants to give this apparently unbearable burden to his children? Think about that. Yes. Let it sink in. #ridiculous,” one commented.

“Not really, yes I believe the children of Prince Harry deserve [their] birthright, but [their] parents turned away from duty, honor, or respect for the institution that they are so adamant those two babies cling to; Talk about hypocrisy… again they want FREEDOM and privacy? Yea right!” another wrote.

A third person sarcastically tweeted: “#PrinceHarry to his Children #WelcomeatoGeneticPain ‘I had to deal with it and so do you! (I hated when PA said that But it’s Your Birthright)’ #MeghanMarkIeisaLiar.”

“Harry & Meghan have forced nobility titles on their children without their consent, it’s not their choice! I hope everyone wakes up now & sees they were always about cashing in on the Monarchy. All that bollocks of breaking the cycle of being a Royal,” another wrote.

Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, both declined to make their two children — Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor and James Mountbatten-Windsor, Viscount Severn — a princess and a prince upon birth, People reported.

The two reportedly had the choice to accept it when they turned 18 because they were the grandchildren of the monarch. But that was the case when Queen Elizabeth was still the monarch.

The rule states that all of the monarch’s grandchildren are entitled to become princes and princesses, which applies to Archie and Lilibet after King Charles’ ascended the throne. A netizen suggested that the Sussexes could let Archie and Lilibet decide if they want the titles when they are of legal age.

Another source argued that the royal couple just safeguarded the titles for their children.

“They didn’t force the titles on their kids; they safeguarded them should their children one day choose to use them. It’s their right of birth,” the netizen opined.

“They can be referred to as prince and princess because they are. There are no other titles available to them nor to their parents because they are not working Royals. If they ever were to be perhaps things would change. Meanwhile, they are just two kids growing up in the U.S.,” another wrote, agreeing that Archie and Lilibet deserve the titles.


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