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Royal Rumor Claims Prince Harry Supposedly Demanding Apology From Queen Elizabeth For Royal Snub

Prince Harry has recently returned to the United States after the Platinum Jubilee. One rumor suggests he’s returned with an ax to grind. Is Harry really demanding an apology from Queen Elizabeth? Let’s learn what’s really going on.

‘Toxic Harry’s Royal Rampage’

According to the Globe, Harry feels humiliated from his recent visit with his family after he and Meghan Markle were shunned by his brother. The Sussexes were booed by some of the British public as well, and it left them fuming. “They were cast aside, sidelined, and relegated to second-fiddle status during the Queen’s Jubilee, which punched holes in their standing as royalty,” a source reveals.

An apology from Elizabeth would apparently help Markle and Harry maintain their Hollywood status. Harry and Markle failed to take any photos with the royal family while in town, which a palace source says cements their loss of royal insider status.

“With Harry’s outcast status becoming ever more apparent, we wonder if Meghan will stick around since she seems to be all about status and social climbing,” the insider says. Markle leaving would be Harry’s worst nightmare, especially if she took the children. Harry may be determined to get an apology for his mistreatment, but Prince William and Prince Charles are refusing to budge an inch, the snitch concludes.

What’s Going On With The Sussexes?

It’s unclear what Harry is actually asking for in this story. He and Meghan Markle flew across the world to celebrate Elizabeth’s Jubilee. They knew ahead of time they would not be on the balcony, and it may have been Harry’s idea all along to sit on the sidelines. If Harry and Markle were dying to be the center of attention, then why did they make so few public appearances?

There’s no proof Harry and Markle are demanding an apology from Elizabeth. The emotional trip went according to plan. There is loads of proof the Globe is not a legitimate news source. Just look at the words it uses to describe the Sussexes: humiliated and humbled. The worst of all is its accusation that Markle is a “social climber.” You would never in a million years read Kate Middleton called the same when she did the exact same thing.

Too Many Bad Rumors

Only a few weeks ago, this very outlet christened Harry and Markle as social outcasts because they didn’t get to stand on the balcony. If they cared that much about it, they never would have come in the first place. We also debunked its story about Harry being brainwashed by Markle to stay in a loveless marriage.

Lest we forget this tabloid once accused Markle of staging her miscarriage. There are no depths this tabloid will not stoop to for its horrible coverage. Harry loves and respects Elizabeth, so we seriously doubt he’s asking her to apologize on behalf of the commonwealth. 


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