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Prince Harry’s ‘Biographer’ Unfairly Trashes Meghan And Harry For Jubilee Behavior

Prince Harry has returned home from the platinum jubilee just in time to read all the hateful hot takes about his trip. One royal writer is taking him to task for his behavior. Here’s what they have to say.

Netflix Will Be Angry

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Prince Harry’s biographer Angela Levin studied the Sussexes jubilee behavior and only has negative things to report. She reveals Harry and Markle attempted to get a private photograph of Queen Elizabeth and Lilibet Diana so they could sell the picture for profit.

“They would have sold it. It would be very valuable, very valuable to them,” Levin says. “Actually the palace was so clever and cunning that they never had a chance to be photographed with any of the senior Royals.”

Apparently, Harry and Markle expected the week to focus on them, not Elizabeth. “I think they felt that everyone would drop everything.” As soon as the pair failed to get the picture they wanted, Levin says they stormed off in a huff. “I thought they were like petulant teenagers really. If they didn’t get what they wanted, they would leave and they left early.”

She also bashes the two for rolling their windows down after stressing the importance of security. “That was an indication to me that couldn’t be out of the spotlight, however, that is very dangerous, someone can throw a bomb in or a load of tomatoes in through the window.” She finally criticized the couple’s use of a private jet to leave the ceremonies.

Unfair Criticism Of Prince Harry

In a short interview, Levin manages to say a string of inaccurate and inflammatory remarks about Harry. In a week where Harry and Markle only made a smattering of appearances, this is just a comical amount to be upset about.

First of all, Markle and Harry don’t have a track record of selling photographs to the paparazzi. Every photo reveal has been carefully done. The two don’t have social media. Perhaps Levin is getting Meghan confused with her father Thomas Markle who famously invited the paparazzi to snap his photo and later sold Meghan Markle’s private letters without her consent.

Levin wasn’t in the room, so she has no place speculating on what happened. For all we know, Harry’s phone is full of photos of his daughter with her namesake.

Seriously, Rolling Down A Window?

The rest of this article is inaccurate or just cruel. Levin is seriously trashing Harry and Markle for rolling down their window. Somehow even the simple act of getting some fresh air is an affront. The justification that someone could throw a bomb in the car is ludicrous as well. Surely a bomb denoted just outside a car window would pack a wallop too. 

As for the private jet, Harry’s addressed this before. He said in 2019, “I spend 99% of my life traveling the world by commercial…Occasionally there needs to be an opportunity based on a unique circumstance to ensure that my family is safe, and it’s genuinely as simple as that.”

Considering hateful takes like Levin’s are a dime a dozen, Harry is right to fly as safely as he possibly can. Notice how Levin’s coverage exclusively bashes the Sussexes? She makes no mention of how Prince William and Kate Middleton allegedly refused to meet Lilibet Diana.

That seems like something worth pontificating, but instead, we get a trashy take about windows and air travel. This is a grade-A example of the rotten press Harry and Markle receive when they’re really just minding their own business.


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