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Prince Harry’s ‘not virtuous or courageous’: ‘Turned his back on family!’

Commentators have blasted Prince Harry for turning his back on the entire Institution, and have even warned against hailing him as some sort of hero.

This claim has been issued by author, CJ Pearson, a Prageru personality, in his opinion piece.

The piece in question has been shared to Newsweek and talks about Prince Harry’s status as a role model for men around the world.

The author began by saying, “What is virtuous about turning one’s back on their family? What is courageous about disparaging them in front of any audience that is willing to listen?”

“And what does it say about a culture when it chooses to denigrate thinkers like Dr. Jordan B. Peterson for empowering young men to embrace responsibility yet champions people like Prince Harry who wear victimhood as a badge of honor?”

Before signing off he also added, “there is no hero to be found in the story of Prince Harry—or his new book, media appearances and docuseries. There is just a victim—of that well-known burden called extreme privilege.”


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