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Here’s how Ellen DeGeneres REACTED to Jason Sudeikis’ Saturday Night Live spoof about her

Jason Sudeikis debuted as host for last week’s Saturday Night Live episode and while the actor had been a cast member on the popular show for several years, it was his first hosting gig.

During the same, Sudeikis performed several hilarious sketches among which was also “Mellen”, where he transformed into male Ellen DeGeneres for a spoof on her show. 

While fans loved Sudeikis’ sketches during his recent SNL appearance, Ellen herself has also commented on the same. According to Entertainment Tonight, on Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host commented on Jason’s spoof and revealed that she watched the episode along with her wife Portia de Rossi. 

Reacting to how she found Sudeikis’ sketch about her, Ellen said, “Portia [de Rossi] and I were sitting at home watching, as we do every Saturday night, and we’re on our couch. We’re trying to get rid of this wine that was stuck in a bottle.

“And suddenly we’re watching a sketch that comes up with Jason Sudeikis dressed like the male version of me, and it was a parody on my show. They called it ‘Mellen.’ It was hilarious”, via ET.

Ellen further added that she was “flattered” by it and that she would actually watch a show like that. DeGeneres further also addressed Sudeikis and suggested that after his Ted Lasso stint, the duo can work together on ‘Mellen.’ 

Ellen is currently filming the final season of her popular talk show that she’s wrapping up with the 19th season. Earlier this year, Ellen confirmed that she will be ending her daytime talk show.

The comedian’s decision came in light of the controversy surrounding the allegations about the show’s toxic workplace culture.


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