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Industry Gossip Claimed Gwen Stefani Supposedly Got Chased Out Of Nashville By Country Stars Last Year

Is Gwen Stefani allowed to enter Nashville? Twelve months ago, one outlet announced she’d been blackballed by country stars because of her relationship with Blake Shelton. Let’s look back on that story and see if it was true after all.

‘Gwen: Backstabbed By Country Stars’

According to Star, Stefani was not welcome in Music City, U.S.A. She and Shelton had just released the hit duet “Nobody But You,” and the country world supposedly felt she cut the line to the top of the genre.

An insider explained, “There’s a big disappointment that she rode into the South and took what she wanted and went back to Hollywood. The world of the country can be highly tetchy. You can’t just waltz in and out when you choose!”

First off, great use of the word “tetchy” there Star. Well done. Anyway, this was a transparent hit piece bashing Stefani simply for existing outside of California. The story itself said that “no one admits it on record,” so everything from the anonymous country stars couldn’t be reliable.

In a world where genre matters increasingly less, where Pink and Justin Bieber have released country songs in recent years and “Old Town Road” dominated the airwaves, we couldn’t believe this story for a minute.

Was Gwen Stefani Blackballed?

It was pretty unclear what point Star was trying to make less year other than broadly calling Stefani a carpetbagger. No country star has spoken out against her in the last 365 days, so we were right to be suspicious. She and Shelton have been enjoying their first year of marriage, and it all appears idyllic still.

While she’s only released pop music this year, Stefani did perform at the Country Summer Music Festival. She serenaded Shelton with “Happy Birthday.” You’ll be able to see plenty of Shelton and Stefani together when The Voice returns on September 19.

Repeatedly Misses The Mark

Star is probably the last place you should go to learn about Shelton and Stefani. It claimed Shelton and Stefani got married back in 2018. That was years early. We also busted its story about Stefani getting pregnant with twins. If she’d been carrying twins, you would’ve noticed it.

This story preyed on the odd couple factor involved in Stefani’s marriage. Just because she makes pop music and Shelton makes country music doesn’t mean they can’t marry or make music together. If they don’t mind at all, then why should anyone?


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