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Jemima Khan shares her knowledge about Charles, Princess Diana’s marriage

King Charles and Princess Diana “very much” had a planned marriage, according to Jemima Khan, the late princess’s close friend.

The 49-year-old said that the couple’s tumultuous relationship was “an suitable match chosen by the parents” in her most recent interview with Lorraine.

After marrying former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan, the producer stated she spent 10 years living in the South Asian nation and was inspired by the happy and healthy arranged marriages she witnessed.

Forced marriage and arranged marriage are very different,” said Lorraine. But isn’t it true that Princess Diana’s marriage to your friends was also arranged, don’t you think?

“Very much, I mean as close to arranged as you could get,” Jemima retorted, “in that it was an appropriate match picked by the parents and a type of committee of family members.”

She said, “The royal family used to almost always have arranged weddings.” And it remains the majority throughout the planet.

In November 1977, Prince Charles and Princess Diana first got to know one another for a shooting weekend at her Northamptonshire estate, Althorp House.

On Lorraine, Jemima discussed her debut as a film director and discussed her most recent film, What’s Love Got to Do With It?


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