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Shady Source Said Jennifer Aniston Supposedly Had Low-Key Fling With Fellow A-Lister’s Ex Last Year

Is Jennifer Aniston Living it up with an A-lister’s ex? Twelve months ago, a rumor allegedly revealed office space The star’s love life for the world to read. Let’s take a look at that story and see how Aniston is doing today.

Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Romance

According to Star, Aniston was dating Halle Berry’s ex-partner, Gabriel Aubry. Describing a string of failed relationships, a source said, “She’s doing things differently this time… she’s not bothered about finding that special someone for a long, special deal. . If it happens, it happens, that is his philosophy.”

Aubry was clearly relaxed, kind, and the right guy for Aniston at the moment. With your friends on board, Friend Admittedly, the star was content to enjoy something new but not so serious.

Was there anything in it?

The words told in the story itself were: “Jane’s rep denied that the two were dating.” Why refuse such a simple romance? This rumor only started because Aubry looks like Brad Pitt. The tabloids couldn’t provide any real evidence to link Aubry with Aniston, so we dismissed the story.

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Aubrie and Aniston rumors came and went very quickly, so we thought it right to bust this story. Aniston opened up about her love life last September when she said that she originally stopped dating after splitting from Justin Theroux.

“There hasn’t been time” [to date]…and it’s COVID,” Aniston explained lunch with bruce, “Though people seem to have met and found love during COVID. I don’t know how it works. I look forward to going to those guys and going, ‘So… what happened?”

That being said, Aniston said she was thinking about finally getting out there. “I feel like I’m ready to share myself with another. I haven’t wanted to for a long time, and I really loved, without being my own woman… being part of a couple.” The best is yet to come for Aniston.

As for Aubry, he’s hilariously back in another tabloid romance without merit. in May, us weekly claimed that he was secretly dating Charlize Theron. In that case, Theron had met Aubry at least five years earlier. She personally put the kibosh on those rumors at the time.

A Tough History With Rachel

Star Publishing stories about Jennifer Aniston really should stop. Before Aubry, little man The star was apparently hooking up with Brad Pitt in secret. The Pitt and Aniston dating rumors are like a hydra at this point, but rest assured that there is absolutely nothing in store for them.

In 2019, tabloids abusively promised Aniston a mental breakdown under pressure from the morning show, She is a professional actress who has been able to manage many high-profile projects. These so-called insiders clearly have no insight.


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