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Jennifer Aydin Reveals Reason For Repeating Melissa Gorga Cheating Rumors On ‘RHONJ’

As the cameras for the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” began to roll, Jennifer Aydin clarified why she chose to repeat the allegations of Melissa Gorga’s infidelity.

On Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, Aydin, 45, asserted that she didn’t do it to “hurt” Melissa but rather to expose Margaret Josephs, their castmate and her on-screen rival, whose ex-best friend, Laura Lee Jensen, was the purported source of the hearsay.

It’s to demonstrate to everyone [Josephs’] true colours, according to Aydin. “This is the source. Laura, I say, come on. Bring Laura in and let’s fight. Don’t shoot the messenger, so to speak.”

In the Season 13 “RHONJ” trailer, Aydin repeatedly asserted that Melissa had been unfaithful to Joe Gorga during a talk with Danielle Cabral, a newcomer to the show.

Aydin alleged, “He saw Melissa in the backseat and she was making out with another person.”

Aydin claimed that Jensen made the assertion during a protracted off-camera discussion that she claimed also included Teresa Giudice, Melissa’s sister-in-law.

Aydin said, “I’m repeating stuff.” “She is relaying to me information that Margaret has given her. Why is Margaret disclosing these details to her?”

Aydin acknowledged spreading the Melissa myth during her podcast interview, but she said she didn’t genuinely believe it. She asserted that Josephs’ purported spreading of misinformation was her biggest worry.

I’m not claiming that anything I’m stating about Melissa is accurate. I don’t have proof that it’s true, I don’t think it’s true, “said Aydin. What I’m trying to imply is that since this is how Margaret gossips among her pals, we should exercise caution around Margaret.

According to the reports, Melissa was having an affair with Nick Barrotta, a friend of both Melissa and her husband. Unnamed sources previously told Page Six, however, that Melissa and her husband Joe simply laughed it off and found the rumours to be “crazy.”

Jensen, on the other hand, blamed Josephs. I stick to my principles, Jensen said to the publication. “I never asserted that the rumour was accurate.I mentioned that Margaret had told me someone had seen that. Never once did I imply Melissa did that.”

When Melissa and Joe discovered that his sister Teresa was responsible for the rumours, they were not happy. Following a disagreement between the Gorgas and Teresa and her future husband Luis Ruelas, Melissa and Joe decided not to attend his sister’s nuptials to the businessman on August 6, 2022.

They were deceived by Teresa in an awful fashion, “People at the time were told by an unnamed source. Since all Teresa does is try to break up their marriage, they won’t celebrate her new union.


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