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Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Allegedly Reunited In ‘Secret Meetings,’ Anonymous Source Said

Are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt still planning a new project together? Around this time last year, one tabloid claimed the famously friendly exes were having secret meetings. Let’s take another look at the wild rumor.

Last March, Us Weekly delivered the exciting news that a Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt reunion was in the works. Twelve months ago, Aniston celebrated getting back to work on The Morning Show by sharing photos of her dog Clyde playing in her trailer on her Instagram story. But fans were far more intrigued by the man laying on the floor.

Although his face wasn’t visible, internet sleuths insisted the unknown man looked suspiciously like Aniston’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt. And since Pitt was on the same lot shooting Bullet Train, it started to look like Pitt and Aniston really were rekindling their romance.

“Everyone is going crazy over the picture, but Jen is playing it coy, and keeping it tight-lipped. The fact that Jen isn’t denying that she and Brad were caught on camera has made people even more suspicious,” a snitch dished. But sources insisted that the two had a lot of catching up to do.

“Brad felt bad about what he put Jen through, but they worked through their issues and started from scratch. The more they talked, the more they realized how much they’d missed each other as friends,” the tipster concluded. “It’s a never say never situation.”

We hated to disappoint fans, but it didn’t look like a reunion was in the cards for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. At least, not a romantic one. It’s no secret that the former spouses have managed to find their way back to each other as friends over the years.

Pitt attended Aniston’s birthday party in 2019, they were photographed together at the 2020 SAG Awards, and they did the Fast Times at Ridgemont High charity table reading together that same year. So, it wouldn’t even be that outrageous for Pitt to be hanging out with Aniston.

But according to a source that claimed to work on The Morning Show, the man in Aniston’s trailer looked a lot like a staff member, and it probably wasn’t Pitt. And we’re inclined to believe them since there really wasn’t anything distinctive about the man that would suggest it was Pitt.

And since there haven’t been any credible connections between Aniston and Pitt over the last year, it really seems like this photo was just a coincidence. Besides, we aren’t buying any story from Us Weekly without some serious vetting first. Last year, the magazine started a rumor that Aniston was dating Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry.

After a bit of digging, we found out this story was completely false. And not long ago, the outlet reported Aniston and Brad Pitt were “friends with benefits.” Since Us Weekly hasn’t become any more reliable over the last year, we finally feel good about putting this rumor to rest.


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