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Rumors Claim Jennifer Garner Supposedly Clashing With Jennifer Lopez, Warning Ben Affleck Over Wedding Plans

Do tensions rise between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garnier about his upcoming marriage to Jennifer Lopez? According to the tabloids, the two most important women in Affleck’s life don’t get along. Here’s the latest gossip about Affleck and Lopez’s wedding plans.

Is Jennifer Garner Rejecting Bennifer’s Wedding Plans?

Back in April Way of life reported that Jennifer Garner was not happy to learn of Ben Affleck’s engagement to Jennifer Lopez. Apparently the A.k.a The star was “not J. Lo’s biggest fan” and “she was blindsided by the news of the proposal.”

A source said Garner was worried about Lopez’s intentions. “She even asked him to get a prenup to protect her assets in case things didn’t work out so J.Lo at least couldn’t bleed him dry,” the insider claimed. “It’s for the sake of their children.”

Of course, we were quick to point out how bizarre this story was. Lopez’s reported net worth was far greater than her fiancé’s, so if anyone was worried about prenups, it should have been Lopez. Additionally, sources were telling other much more reputable outlets that Garner was happy for her ex-husband. And, after reviewing the outlet’s claims, we couldn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t.

Did Jennifer Garner Tell Affleck About the Wedding?

So, Way of life went to the second round over Garner and Lopez’s alleged feud. This time, the article detailed Lopez’s extravagant demands for her upcoming ceremony. “They’re over budget by a million dollars already,” said a tipster.

But the source insisted Garner saw it all coming. “She gave Ben a shocking warning like, ‘This is what you’re getting into – for the rest of your life,’ the snitch reflected. “She wants him to understand what he’s into. embark.”

But we reminded readers that this wasn’t Affleck’s first rodeo. He and Lopez had planned a wedding together before, and they called it off days before the ceremony. He didn’t need his ex-wife to tell him who he was going to marry.

Additionally, Lopez and Affleck have been extremely careful not to divulge details of their wedding plans. We haven’t heard of the couple’s plans, so we were particularly skeptical of this insider’s supposedly exclusive testimony.

Jennifer Lopez versus Jennifer Garner?

Finally, the World revealed that things were even more contentious between Lopez and Garner than anyone had originally imagined. Apparently, Lopez still wasn’t sure about Affleck’s co-parenting relationship with Garner, and she worried that something more was going on between the ex-spouses.

“Ben knows they’ll never be a big happy co-ed foursome, but he’d appreciate it if J.Lo wasn’t so bitchy and disinterested in any type of interaction with Jen and her man,” a snitch shared.

Of course, we had our doubts about this account. This whole portrayal of Lopez as a catty diva was a little too cliche for us to buy into. And when you realize Lopez has her own ex-husband who she’s also co-parented with, that story seems extremely unlikely. But the most dubious aspect of this report lies in its source.

This gossip is extremely hurtful given that it involves two mothers who probably want the best for their family. We’re sure anyone close to Affleck, Lopez and Garner would never risk their children’s happiness for a little money.


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