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Dubious Source Says Jennifer Lopez Is Supposedly Working So Much Ben Affleck Apparently Begged Her To Stop

Is Jennifer Lopez pushing herself too far? One tabloid claims the superstar is putting her health at risk with her “quest for perfection.” Let’s take a closer look at the shocking report.

Jennifer Lopez ‘Drives Herself To Brink’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Jennifer Lopez’s recent revelation about her struggles with anxiety and inadequate sleep has triggered fears for the mogul’s health.

In her recent newsletter, Lopez emphasized the importance of getting enough rest by revealing that she suffered a terrifying bout of exhaustion-induced paralyzing panic attacks many years ago. But medical experts insist that Lopez is still at risk of experiencing more bouts of these horrifying symptoms.

“The same factors which caused her to suffer these troubling problems in the past can absolutely lead to similar attacks in the present!” a doctor who hasn’t treated Lopez explains. “There is dangerous data connecting lack of sleep and appropriate rest to an increased risk in lots of areas.

If she collapses again, it could be something very serious!” Lopez also said in her newsletter that she managed to ward off the symptoms by taking better care of herself. But sources warn that her busy schedule could land her back in the same harrowing situation.

“She’s kidding herself if she thinks she’s leading a balanced life of wellness and getting ten hours sleep a night,” an insider spills. The article details Lopez’s stressors, which supposedly include hours-long workouts and rigorously planning her wedding with Ben Affleck. “Ben’s begging her to slow down because she’s pushing herself way too hard!” the tipster attests.

Let’s break down what happened here. Jennifer Lopez shared a personal story about being overworked in her late twenties in hopes of helping others remember the importance of rest.

The magazine turned that into a story about Lopez being a fraudulent health guru who’s secretly a workaholic. We’re sure we don’t have to explain why that’s absolutely bizarre, and the outlet’s response to Lopez’s honesty was beyond inappropriate.

According to Lopez’s newsletter, she hasn’t dealt with a panic disorder since adjusting her lifestyle all those years ago. Yes, Lopez is a busy woman. But that doesn’t mean she’s not getting enough sleep. Lopez is the only one who can speak to her sleeping habits, not this outlet’s dubious source.

And while we’re on that matter, it’s certainly interesting that this tipster mentions wedding planning as a major source of stress for Lopez. As most fans of the performer already know, she and Affleck tied the knot in a tiny Las Vegas ceremony in mid-July.

So, what exactly was so stressful? Furthermore, how come this source didn’t know about Lopez’s wedding plans? And lastly, why didn’t the rag remove this dated quote before going to print? The most likely answer is that this “insider” isn’t close to Lopez at all, and the outlet was so lazy that it didn’t vet its source or even bother to correct its dubious narrative.


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