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Jennifer Lopez Refusing To Place Nice With Ben Affleck’s Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner? Here’s The Truth

Jennifer Lopez allegedly dislikes Ben Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner and she has no plans of keeping it a secret from her.

In its July 18 issue, Globe claimed that Lopez is refusing to play nice with Garner. And this is allegedly stressing Affleck out because he and his ex-wife are good friends and co-parents.

“Ben knows they’ll never be one big happy blended foursome, but he’d appreciate it if J.Lo wasn’t so bitchy and disinterested in any type of interaction with Jen and her man,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Lopez does everything that she can to avoid Garner.

“Whenever he nips off to pick the kids up and stay for a coffee, he comes back to the third degree from J.Lo,” the source said.

And when Garner is around to pick up her kids from Affleck’s home, Lopez doesn’t allegedly go down to greet her.

“It’s embarrassing for Ben, who has to come up with an explanation, which always sounds lame. And they both know it’s because J.Lo can’t tolerate Jen in the same house. Garner is quite content in her life post-divorce and finds it sad and impolite that J.Lo can’t see that, but she’s not one to rise to the bait,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Lopez and Garner were rumored to dislike each other. In May, National Enquirer claimed that Garner reached out to Lopez to discuss how to co-parent her three kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

“Jennifer Garner called the meeting so she and J.Lo could get to know each other better and put aside any mistrust they have for each other. They each have completely different parenting styles and personalities. Garner wants to figure out the best way to co-parent their kids,” the source said.

However, the insider claimed that Lopez wasn’t thrilled to get a call from Garner especially since she knows that their children have very different lifestyles.

Lopez’s kids, Max and Emme are used to traveling with their mom and making appearances in public. In fact, they have been photographed by the paparazzi on multiple occasions.

Garner, on the other hand, wants her children to have private lives. But this isn’t what’s happening ever since Affleck and Lopez started dating.


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