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Sketchy Source Says Jennifer Garner Supposedly Warned Ben Affleck About Jennifer Lopez Amid Wedding Planning

Is Jennifer Garner concerned about Ben Affleck’s upcoming nuptials? One tabloid claims Garner is worried about her ex-husband’s impending wedding to Jennifer Lopez. Here’s what we know.

Is Jennifer Lopez The ‘Bride From Hell’?

This week, Life & Style reports things have gone downhill for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck after the pair announced their engagement earlier this year. Apparently, ever since Affleck popped the question, Lopez has been obsessed with making up for her and Affleck’s ill-fated 2003 ceremony. “They’re already $1 million over budget,” an insider reveals. “Most people don’t get a second chance like this. She needs to take a step back before she scares Ben off.”

But sources say Affleck should tread carefully, and really decide if this is what he really wants. Apparently, even Jennifer Garner is urging Affleck to proceed with caution. “She gave Ben a shocking warning along the lines of ‘This is what you’re signing up for—for the rest of your life,” the tipster divulges. “She wants him to understand what he’s getting into.”

Ben Affleck Second-Guessing His Wedding?

There are a few reasons we aren’t buying this tabloid’s tale. First of all, this outlet seems to completely ignore the fact that this isn’t the first wedding Affleck and Lopez have planned together. Back in 2003, the couple called it quits just days before their ceremony. Affleck doesn’t need any warnings about his fiancee’s personality; he has quite literally been through all of this before.

Furthermore, we don’t have any reason to believe Lopez is making a fuss just yet. While the triple-threat undoubtedly has some expensive tastes—and given her estimated $400 million net worth, we can’t blame her—these claims are totally out of the blue. We haven’t heard a peep about Affleck and Lopez’s impending wedding since they got engaged in early April. From what we can tell, the ceremony has taken a backseat to the couple’s house-hunting journey and continued efforts to blend their families.

While we expect to hear more about the couple’s plans in the coming months, they really don’t seem to be under any pressure at the moment.

The Tabloid On Ben Affleck

It’s no surprise that Life & Style decided to blindly publish such a misleading story about the Justice League star. Last year, the outlet alleged Jennifer Garner was warning Lopez about Affleck’s fragile sobriety. Then the magazine claimed Lopez and Affleck were on the rocks and headed for splitsville. And the rag even claimed Jennifer Garner was engaged to her longtime partner. Given the tabloid’s shady past reporting, we just can’t trust it anywhere Affleck or his family is concerned.


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