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Jessica Simpson Shocks Fans After She Shows Off Puffy Lips In Latest Instagram Post: ‘That’s Not Jessica’

Jessica Simpson has a habit of shocking fans these days. Not only have her fans been shocked by the results of her 100-lb weight loss, but they’ve also shown concern over her confusing and controversial behavior on Instagram and in promo videos over the past 12 months too. And now the 42-year-old “Party of One” singer has caused fans’ jaws to drop yet again – this time due to her extremely puffy lips!

Jessica Simpson’s Unrecognizable Instagram Pictures

The mom-of-three looked practically unrecognizable in the eight-image carousel that was posted on her Instagram account on December 20th; so much so, that some of her fans even questioned whether the person in the photos was really her!

“Faux-sure feeling festive with my beautiful family in this Holiday Season,” Jessica captioned the post, which consisted of pictures of her with her family enjoying some festive activities.

The first picture sees her posing with her adorable youngest daughter Birdie, with Jessica wearing a festive penguin-adorned headband and smiling for the camera, with her husband joining them in the second photo.

Another picture sees Jessica sporting an outfit change, this time wearing a bold blue furry coat, skin-tight leather (or faux leather) leggings, an orange knitted hat, and turquoise sunglasses.

Jessica is wearing bright red lipstick for all of the pictures in the carousel, which accentuated her gargantuan lips even more, regardless of whether she was smiling with her teeth, gently smiling, or pouting.

Fans Show Concern In The Comments Section

There were many, many reactions to Jessica’s Instagram post. And akin to her fans’ previous comments in previous posts, they once again did *not* hold back with voicing their opinions! “That’s not Jessica. No way. Come on. Looks nothing like her.

I pray the real Jessica is ok,” one concerned fan commented. “Yet another celebrity who has altered themselves to the point of being unrecognizable,” another fan wrote, while another simply thought that she “Needs help.”

“I used to love the way she looked when she was with Nick Lachey many many years ago… She’s totally different now,” commented another, followed by a crying emoji. “Madonna 2.0,” quipped another fan, seemingly comparing her to the “Vogue” singer who looks *nothing* like she used to and has also shocked fans with her appearance on several occasions this year, including Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

“Who is the lady in the sunglasses?” asked another fan. “I have always liked her and she has a beautiful family but she doesn’t quite look like herself that’s all I’m saying,” noted another.

Positive Fan Feedback

Not everyone had something negative to say though, as many other fans acted like true fans and defended her, with one saying, “Complain if she gains weight. Complain if she loses weight. Just leave the woman alone already!” and another adding: “Everyone comments on how small she is are probably the same people who used to comment about how much weight she had gained. She’s stunning.”

Many others complimented her outfit *and* her choice of lipstick, with one fan raving, “I simply love your outfit. You look amazing,” and another adding: “You look great in red lipstick.” “I need your blue jacket for next year’s Hanukkah/ holiday parties,” complimented another fan. “Omg, those boots,” praised another, followed by the fire emoji. “I love the vibe,” wrote another.


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