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Tabloid Source Says Jessica Simpson Apparently Looked ‘Scary Skinny’ On Vacation

is Jessica Simpson dangerously underweight? One report says the dukes of danger Star looked skinny as a stick on her vacation to Lake Austin, Texas. Simpson has been haunted by miserable stories about her weight her entire life. Let’s examine this rumor and see if there is anything to it.

‘Sary Skinny Simpson takes our breath away’

According to the national investigator here, new bikini photos of Simpson have friends and doctors worried about her health. A friend of hers calls her emaciated: “Her cheeks are emaciated, her legs have turned to tin, and her bones are visible through her skin.” Everyone close to her supposedly wants her to stop before she gets hurt from her.

A doctor explains why Simpson’s life is at risk, saying, “Gaining and losing so much weight so quickly puts his health at extreme risk.” Another nutritionist explains that yo-yo-ing with weights can put intense stress on your bones. They warn that Simpson must follow a strict health program. The doctor concludes: “It could save his life.”

How is Jessica Simpson?

First of all, true friends don’t talk to the tabloids. A “close friend” is quoted in this story, but no one really close to Jessica Simpson would ever betray her. investigator. This tabloid is always looking for another way to attack Simpson’s appearance. Whenever he does, he always cites doctors who have not treated Simpson. This turns his testimony from reliable to reckless speculation. He is an old hat.

Given that you can throw all these quotes out the window, what evidence is really left? You can see the photo in question on Simpson’s Instagram. Other photos from the same set don’t make her look dangerously thin at all.

A more recent post also has Simpson looking, well, like Simpson. She writes: “I know myself and I love her very much.”

We’re so glad Simpson is embracing self-love in the face of so much hate.

A history of embarrassing reporting

If you want to see how unfairly Simpson is treated, just take a look at what this very outlet has reported in the past. In 2017 he declared Simpson was on his way to the fat farm. Next year, Simpson was supposed to be on a diet. to avoid death.

Fast forward to this year, and the investigator is reporting the opposite. Now the fans are apparently begging Simpson to gain weight. Last month, this tabloid claimed Simpson’s husband was scared. that she was too skinny.

She just can’t win: Simpson is always tipping the scales or gaunt. It’s a terrible way to treat someone. From the investigator offering nothing of substance and shifting narratives, this story should be ignored. These compelling stories say a lot more about this rag than they do about Simpson.


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