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Jessica Simpson Dug Up Her Junior High School Cheerleading Jacket And We Love It

Looks like we’re not the only ones who never clean out our closets! Jessica Simpson just shared a photo of herself sporting a special item from her middle school days: her cheer team jacket! 

Simpson Sported Her 8th Grade Cheer Squad Jacket

The selfie shows a smiling Simpson wearing a bright green letter jacket. A big yellow “R” is on the front of the jacket, with “Jessica” embroidered over it. “Found my 8th-grade head cheerleader letter jacket,” the star captioned the photo. 

Fans loved the throwback item of clothing—pal Paris Hilton even dropped a heart-eye emoji under the post. Simpson’s sister Ashlee also showed some love for the picture, commenting, “Yes! Go Vikings!”

“I have that same jacket when I was a cheerleader at Richardson North in the 8th grade!!!” one fan wrote. “Go Vikings!!!” Another said, “Haha! We have the same jacket! I am a few years older than you. But a great experience.”

Another found the post relatable, commenting, “I am 60 and still have my letterman Majorette jacket!!” Someone else said, “My Momma is 59 and still has hers. Go Tigers!” This wasn’t the only chic style choice Simpson made over the holidays. 

The star also took to her Instagram stories to ask followers if she should change up her hairstyle and get rid of her flowing blonde locks. Simpson put filters over selfies, showing how she would look with light pink, red, and brown hair. 

Simpson has rarely changed her hair over the years. She does play around with different lengths, but the singer has almost always been blonde. It seems as if fans prefer her that way, too—the poll she ran asking about hair colors saw many people voting for her to stay blonde. 

The only recent change Simpson has made is cutting her hair. One recent post shows that her hair had reached her waist, but her pictures from the holidays show it has been cut to a much more manageable shoulder-length style. 

The star might not be making any plans to change her signature look any time soon, but her recent posts show that she’s looking for a change—and many of her followers are ready for a new look from her, too.


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