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Jessica Simpson’s Shoeline Promotion Makes Our Ankles Hurt Just Looking At It

Jessica Simpson wrote the book on open booksThe Open Book memoirist-musician-reality star-fashion designer is famous for her relatable nature, but her recent Instagram post promoting her new shoes was anything but.

Move over Crocs. The most divisive footwear of 2022 has been dethroned by the Meitini. Jessica Simpson recently posed in the 5-inch heels from her self-named brand, calling the rhinestone-covered platforms her “favorite beach shoes.”

The Jessica Simpson Collection account posted the sunset beach shot on Instagram. The comment section lit up with praise for the mother of three. “Love your entire look!” one fan wrote. “You always look great and have the perfect line/brand. I am amazed at all the odd comments about your pic of you modeling on the sand. [It’s] a beautiful picture and that’s just what it is about, modeling.”

The star dazzled in the shot, but as fans were quick to point out, the shoes were anything but beachworthy. “Love the shoes but there’s no way I’m wearing heels to the beach,” one fan wrote.

Many questioned the safety of wearing pumps on the beach. “Who wears heels to the beach? That’s injury waiting to happen. Next,” a commenter asked. “Beach shoes??? They are pretty, but I would sprain my ankle wearing those on sand…yikes,” another added.

As anyone who wears them knows, walking in heels can leave you feeling like it was leg day at the gym—let alone walking through the sand with them on. One commenter joked that the platforms were the perfect challenge for exercising. “Great shoes for a beach workout!,” the commenter quipped.


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