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Kanye West Reportedly Seeking ‘Luxury’ Treatment Option

Even though his representative denied that he’d be, “going away,”Kanye West appears to be headed for some type of treatment. Expect the unexpected DondaRapper to run to every facility under the sun

According to Page Six West is said to be looking for a treatment facility with a physician. “luxury component”And he hopes that he’ll be a “better human and better dad” after seeking help. “Kanye hasn’t agreed to a particular place yet because he is worried for his privacy and wants the place to be in a beautiful setting with a luxury component.”According to some reports, the musician has his entire team on the watch. This seems to mean that they will stand by previous statements until an official announcement can be made.

Page Six was informed by an anonymous source that West had reached out to Kim Kardashian’s ex to tell her he is leaving for help. “For the sake of the kids, Kanye has told Kim he’s not making any public appearances or inflammatory social media statements, and he will go away somewhere to get better,”According to a source, the reference was to the drama between Kardashian and her boyfriend. Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

Page Six was responded to by West’s representatives, who noted that West wasn’t. “going away”It is used in a specific way. “At this time, Ye is committed to a healthy co-parenting relationship with Kim and is focused on raising their beautiful children,”According to the statement.

This alleged decision is the result of a whirlwind period during which West began a war on words with his ex-wife via social media. He seemed to threaten Davidson multiple times and released a music clip that showed him burying his wife. SNL star alive. He has been open about his bipolar disorder, and his struggles throughout the years.

Page Six notes that West is now taking his medications again. This mirrors a 2016 time when West was admitted to the hospital and became vocally critical of Kris Jenner. Kim Kardashian spoke out recently about the drama that she had with her ex via social media. “You wanna take the high road, and sometimes it’s hard.

But I think that at the end of the day, everyone has their own way of communicating. I’ve always been, like, a champion of him speaking his truth, and I would always want that.,”She told Good Morning America. “Kanye and I will always be family. At the end of the day, I just want my kids to be happy and healthy, and think the world of their dad, and they do.”


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