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Kate Middleton’s ‘Cute’ Habit Goes Viral, Earns Her Nickname ‘Woo Girl’

Kate Middleton is making rounds on the internet after a video compilation featuring her “cute li’l habit” went viral.

TikTok user @l0velycatherine, who runs a fan account dedicated to the Prince and Princess of Wales, shared a video edit of the 41-year-old princess’ habit she acquired through the years, where she excitedly cheers after every achievement.

“She’s so adorable,” the user captioned the video, which has earned over 900,000 views since it went live last week.

The video began with a photo of Middleton happily raising her arms while cheering with a text that read “Catherine’s cute li’l habit.”

It was followed by a series of clips where she continuously practiced the same gesture in several events, including playing tabletop tennis and rugby, going against her husband Prince William for a game in an arcade and after what seemed to be a victorious soccer match.

Royal fans flocked to the comments section to express their admiration for the Princess of Wales. One user even gave her a new nickname, “Woo Girl” — a term from the comedy series “How I Met Your Mother” that refers to a girl who gets over excited at the bar and shouts “woo.”

“Kate is a ‘woo girl,'” one fan wrote. Other fans seemed to agree since the comment garnered 1,790 likes on the platform.

Another commented, “Most stunning woman on the planet,” while another said, “Catherine Princess of Wales is a real gem.”

“Kate was meant to be a royal. Everything she does is with grace and class,” a fourth user wrote.

Middleton seemingly attracted a lot of media attention in the past months.

Most recently, the princess went viral after Vogue magazine uploaded a video of her giving Prince William a “love tap” when they arrived at the 2023 British Academy Film Awards, or the BAFTAs, at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England, on Feb. 19.


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