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Kate Middleton Deals The Ultimate Blow To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle With This Decision

Ahead of the coronation of King Charles III, the drama between the royals is heating up.

Using a leaked letter and a photo accompanied by a significant snub, the Royal Family has pulled out the big guns to let Prince Harry and Meghan Markle know that this war is far from over.

Taking to social media, Kate Middleton shared what is believed to be the last picture of Queen Elizabeth II, with her almost all great-grandchildren and two grandchildren.

The never-before-seen photo of the late Queen was taken by Kate Middleton at Balmoral last summer.

The photo was posted on The Princess and Prince of Wales‘s official Instagram page to honor Queen Elizabeth’s 97th birthday.

Many became emotional seeing the photo, while others were upset because Prince Harry and Markle’s two children are not featured in the family photo.

Prince Harry and Markle were in London in June 2022 for the Jubilee celebration, and they begged Her Majesty for a photo with Lilibet on her first birthday, and she refused.

Backers see this photo shared by Middleton as a brutal slap in the face. And one royal expert agrees that the move from Catherine, Princess of Wales, was a major blow.

Speaking to The Mirror, PR to the stars Mayah Riaz said: “The photo does very much appear to snub Harry and Meghan. Yes, it may be the case that a photo with all of the Queen’s great-grandchildren (including Archie and Lillibet) is not in existence.”

The expert went on to say that the photo only stirs the fire, boiling the ongoing and bitter rift between Montecito and London, and added: “However, in the current climate with the speculations about the animosity between the two brothers, this photo doesn’t do anything to eradicate that.”

The expert explained that Kate Middleton could have extended an olive branch by merely mentioning the names of Prince Harry and Markle’s children in the caption, but she chose not to.

The commentator stated: “If Kate and William did not want this photo to be seen as a snub, they could have easily mentioned Archie and Lilibet within the captions.

William and Kate are aware that every action of theirs is scrutinized, including this photo of the Queen, which they posted on their social media. If they aren’t aware, they certainly have skilled advisors around them who are perfectly aware of how this would be perceived by us.”

Defenders of Kate Middleton claimed that Prince Harry and Markle had gone too far with their revelation and accusations, and Archie and Lilibet are now paying for their sins.

King Charles deliberately did not invite his biracial children to his coronation while giving significant roles to Prince William‘s children and all of Camilla, Queen Consort‘s grandchildren.

It seems that a war with the next generation of Sussex has already started.


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