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Kate Middleton Embraced The Barbiecore Fashion Trend With This Winter Staple

We could teach an entire college course on why Kate Middleton’s style is so brilliant. The Princess of Wales is in a league of her own when it comes to fashion, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down in 2023. In fact, over the past few weeks, Middleton’s has been brightening up the dreary English winter months with some bold and daring color choices.

What makes these look so genius is how she uses the colors. You’ll never see Middleton chase a trend. The ever-regal Princess of Wales sticks to classic styles beloved by the royal women that came before her. However, she has the amazing ability to elevate a typical nine-to-five outfit to something headline-worthy.

During a recent outing, Middleton’s outfit included a subtle nod to the trend that dominated the red carpet last year: Barbiecore.

What is Barbiecore, you ask? It’s the fashion movement that had us digging through our closets asking ourselves why in the world we don’t own hot pink stockings! Middleton just proved that this color does have its place in professional wear, and it’s truly just what this season needed.

Last week, the Princess of Wales and her husband visited the Windsor Foodshare, an organization that provides food and basic household cleaning items for local individuals and families in need.

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During her visit, Middleton was the perfect embodiment of the Barbiecore trend in a bright pink iteration of her winter staple peacoat. The princess layered the berry-colored coat over a just as bright—but just as pink—turtleneck sweater.

Both the coat and sweater are from designer Hobb’s London. She actually wore both pieces before while visiting a local high school in 2021. We love a good royal re-wear!

Middleton matched the coat’s black buttons with long black trousers, providing the perfect contrast to the bright pink. She wore her hair down in loose waves and went light on both her makeup and accessories, letting the brilliant ensemble speak for itself.

The Princess of Wales has been going bold with her color choices in recent months, opting for solid colors instead of her usual floral and polka-dot printed ensembles. While Middleton never fails to turn heads no matter what she’s wearing, we certainly aren’t complaining about her new normal.


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