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Kate Middleton Finally Takes A Firm Stand After Embarrassing Prince William And Rose Hanbury Rumors

Kate Middleton has decided to regain control of what has been stolen from her — her immaculate reputation as a mother, woman, and wife.

Until recently, Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, were viewed as an exemplary couple who stood the test of time.

However, the future King and Queen of England‘s perfect love story took a significant hit because of rumors of a long and scandalous affair.

Several media outlets and tabloids have claimed that the heir to the throne took a mistress for numerous years. It is claimed that Prince William has been having an affair with Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

Hanbury and her husband, David Cholmondeley, are very close to the Royal Family. The former model attended Prince William and Middtleton’s wedding.

David Cholmondeley served as the Lord Great Chamberlain for Queen Elizabeth II from 1990 until her passing, and he was later hired as King Charles III‘s lord-in-waiting.

Rose Hanbury’s grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambert, was a close friend of Queen Elizabeth and served as a bridesmaid at her and Prince Philip‘s 1947 wedding.

The chatter claimed that Prince William and Rose Hanbury’s affair was an open secret in London’s high society. These same reports also say that Kate Middleton was hurt to discover her husband’s extramarital affair.

However, this is not Catherine, Princess of Wales‘s first rodeo when it comes to mortifying scandals.

The mother of three has decided to take a stand against the destructive chatter. Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Kate Middleton and Prince Wiliam appeared in a lovey-dovey photo that was shared to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary.

In the photo, Catherine, Princess of Wales, and her spouse are enjoying bicycle rides with their arms around each other. The caption for the romantic photo simply read “12 years” alongside a love heart emoji.

Fans gushed that the royal couple looked happy and in love. Others begged people to stop talking about the cheating rumors so their romance could blossom.

A Middleton source spoke to Us Weekly, saying that she is pained by the speculation and is even more frustrated that her children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — will read about the Rose Hanbury cheating allegations when they get older.

The person claimed: “Kate finds the rumors hurtful, obviously, and hates the thought that one day her children will be able to read about them online.”

The source revealed how the power couple overcame the headline-making rumor by saying: “It forced her and William to sit back and examine their relationship, which they realized they should have been doing more often.

It’s not unusual to have a few hiccups in a marriage, especially after eight years, and Kate and William are no different. They’re still going strong. Regardless of their ups and downs, they love each other dearly, and their kids are the most important thing in their lives.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s reputations took another massive hit via Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s series and best-selling book.

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