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The secret behind Kate Middleton’s pregnancy wardrobe revealed

The Duchess of Cambridge has been pregnant three times and always looked incredible when she was carrying her children.

One of the maternity brands that Kate always turns to when she is with child is Seraphine. The brand is a huge success and is loved by not just royalty, but an abundance of celebrities too.

We sat down with the Founder and Creative Brand Director Chelsey Oliver, who talks all things royal, how to style a growing baby bump and of course, the ‘Kate Effect’.

Speaking about what sets Seraphine apart from other maternity brands, Chelsey explains: “When we design our products, we know how important every detail on the fit and functionality is throughout pregnancy and postpartum journeys, because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

With my own pregnancies, what became apparent very quickly was the need for clothes that helped me overcome very practical and everyday pregnancy and nursing scenarios.”

Kate has worn the brand on countless occasions. Chelsey saw the much-discussed ‘Kate Effect’ from when she first rocked a Seraphine dress.

“We are so fortunate to have been chosen to be worn on several ‘firsts’. Kate wore our knotted Jolene dress for the first official photograph with Prince George, She stepped off a plane wearing Seraphine for her and the Duke of Cambridge’s first official trip to the US – and then a great surprise was when she wore Seraphine the first time there was a formal engagement with Prince William, Harry and Meghan.

I mention all of this as they will forever be moments in history, so we continue to get incredible brand awareness with every anniversary of these events.”

When it comes to dressing a baby bump well, Chelsey has some great tips. “It’s so important to look for pieces that are designed with a pregnant woman’s body in mind; we design our products to fit and flatter your growing bump through every stage of the journey.

Whilst functionality and support is important, so is style – every woman deserves to feel fantastic during their pregnancy so we make sure our designs are fashion forward too so they feel confident in their new curves,” she explained.

Duchess Kate dresses beautifully when pregnant, and Chelsey tells us just how she does it. “I think she has a very natural elegance to her style and she commits to key shapes that suit not only her body, but her personality too and you can tell that she feels confident and comfortable in what she’s wearing.

Whether she was in everyday pieces or occasion wear, she perfectly selected styles that would make her feel good in her changing body and flatter her bump. I think one of the reasons that we appealed to her was because we provide styles for every occasion at every stage of the journey, so she had a real breadth of choice to select from.”


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