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Kate Middleton’s private texts to Prince Harry leaked

The Princess of Wales is growing more anxious as the King Charles’ coronation on May 6 approaches. According to insiders, she is considering whether or not her brother-in-law and his wife will attend the historic occasion.

Given that Prince Harry divulged private messages between her and Meghan Markle and revealed their private talks, Kate, 41, has likely suffered the most as a result of his tell-all, Spare. As a result, some people now perceive Kate as cold and argumentative.

According to a source, “the entire experience has affected how Kate perceives Harry completely.” He formerly counted among her closest friends. The trust is now completely gone. The last thing Kate wants is to have to confront the two individuals who have worked so hard to harm her.

The source says, “Kate’s terrified that if the Sussexes turn up, she’s going to have to spend every second looking over her shoulder. The King’s coronation should be a moment of celebration for the King’s family.”

The now-famous text message discussion between Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, concerning the Princess Charlotte bridesmaid dress in the run-up to the Sussexes’ 2018 wedding has “made Kate doubt everything,” according to Harry.

The insider said, “The King has requested William and Kate to contact Harry and Meghan again and try to make things right. However, Kate is nervous that any text or email sent their way could be interpreted incorrectly and leaked to the public.”

She is also reluctant to communicate in writing with anyone who is close to Harry on both sides, such as some of William’s pals and even Princess Eugenie, out of concern that it would fall into the hands of the Sussexes, who she is certain will not hesitate to leak her texts once more.

She is extremely cautious and paranoid about communicating with them in writing for fear of appearing “difficult” once more.

“It’s sad,” adds the source, “It’s no way to live. She doesn’t deserve to feel this way.”


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