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How Will Kate Middleton’s Titles Change After Prince Charles Becomes King?

Kate Middleton currently has a number of titles, but “princess” isn’t one of them quite yet. Change is on the wind, however, and once Middleton’s father-in-law Prince Charles ascends the throne, both she and her husband Prince William will see upgrades to their titles. Here’s everything you need to know about her titles now and in the future. 

What Are Kate Middleton’s Titles?

Although Kate Middleton’s occupation is “princess,” it’s not one of the many titles that she currently calls her own. As Prince William’s wife, Queen Elizabeth bestowed a number of titles to Middleton upon her wedding. 

She immediately became the Duchess of Cambridge after the wedding and also holds titles in both Scotland and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, Middleton is the Countess of Strathearn. In Northern Ireland, she’s known as Lady Carrickgergus. 

While these are her current titles, Middleton stands to gain a number of others within the next few years or so. Queen Elizabeth has made clear that she does not foresee herself abdicating the throne; rather, she plans to live out the rest of her days as queen.

Her recent health scares, including an unexplained hospitalization last year and a bout of COVID-19 earlier this year, have made the queen’s mortality much more front of mind than in years past. 

As Prince Charles’ time on the throne comes closer, we’re starting to look towards the future of the royal family, and Middleton plays an important role in that future. Once Charles becomes king, Prince William and Middleton will become the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The late Princess Diana also held the title of Princess of Wales and though Charles’ current wife Camilla Parker Bowles is the current holder of the title, she refrains from using it out of respect. 

The same awkward constraints won’t affect Middleton, however, and she’s expected to be the first to actually use the title since Diana’s tragic 1997 death. In addition to becoming the Princess of Wales, Middleton will gain a few more titles, including another of Charles and Parker Bowles’s current titles.

It’s assumed that William will become Duke of Cornwall, which would make Middleton the newest Duchess of Cornwall. This title is traditionally granted to the heir apparent and their spouse, which is why it’s all but guaranteed that it will pass along to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Another title traditionally held by the heir apparent is the Scottish Rothesay title. After Charles becomes king, William will become the Duke of Rothesay and Middleton will be the Duchess. As for what happens when William eventually becomes king himself, Middleton can expect an additional title, one that reigns above all others.

The Ultimate Royal Title

Once William becomes king, which could potentially be decades from now, Kate Middleton will become a queen…of sorts. She, like Parker Bowles, will become Queen Consort.

While both royal women will be queen in title, the “consort” part makes it clear that it’s in name only, not in constitutional power like their predecessor Queen Elizabeth. Still, it’s quite the promotion. 


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