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Princess Kate sends cryptic message with new necklace – she’s ‘manifesting’

Kate Middleton stepped out in a custom-made burgundy suit from French designer Roland Mouret yesterday, paired with a cream thin-knit jumper and delicate gold jewelry.

Upon closer inspection, the Princess of Wales’ necklace was a new addition to her jewelry box, and according to the designer of the piece, the gemstone is said to help “manifest your biggest dreams, bring in more success and prosperity”.

Usually, it’s Meghan Markle who wears symbolic jewelry, but yesterday Kate chose to accessorize her outfit with a Gold Citrine Baby Treasure Necklace by Daniella Draper.

The official website description for the necklace reads: “The Citrine Baby Treasure Necklace is made using 100 percent recycled solid nine-carat yellow gold and set with a beautiful citrine.

“The birthstone for November, citrine assists in manifesting your biggest dreams, bringing in more success and prosperity.” The necklace is priced at £825 and is also available in silver.


It’s not known why Kate has this necklace considering citrine is the birthstone for November – a month in which no known important birthday or life events have happened for the Princess.

But, this is not the first piece of citrine jewelry she owns, in fact, Kate has three pairs of citrine earrings from the brand Kiki McDonough.

As for what citrine is, it’s a variety of quartz that ranges from soft pale yellows to striking reddish-brown amber, some say citrine gives off a warm golden glow. The word ‘citrine’ stems from the Latin word for ‘lemon’, and many citrine gemstones are inspired by the shape of lemons.

Citrine is also commonly known as the “healing quartz” as it is supposed to gift whoever owns it with an “abundance of vitality and positive energy”.

Gemstone experts suggest this quartz “has the capacity to clear away negative energies and heighten happy and healing vibrations”.

The citrine birthstone was wildly popular in the Victorian era, with Queen Victoria herself adding elements of citrine to her world-famous collection of royal jewels, Truly Experiences suggests.


As for the earrings she wore yesterday, they were not designed with citrine, but were from the same brand, and are the Gold Mini Cupid Hoop Earrings, priced at £200. Kate has worn these hoops 16 times before, according to royal fashion bloggers, and she debuted them in 2020.

The official website description for the earrings reads: “These nine-carat Gold Mini Cupid Hoop earrings are a definite must-have. Gold hoops are the perfect finishing touch for any occasion.” Charms can be added to the hoops to switch up the look, and they are also available in silver.

Kate has a few other pieces of jewelry that are full of symbolism; during an official visit to Galway, Ireland in March 2020, the Princess was gifted a necklace by the independent business All The Falling Stars.

On a delicate gold chain hung three disc charms, with each of her children’s initials stamped on them. The royal also has the Gold Diamond Midnight Moon Necklace by Daniella Draper with George, Charlotte, and Louis initials engraved on the disk. The necklace is priced at £1,050.


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