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Kendall Jenner’s Ex-Boyfriend, Devin Booker, Makes Drastic Move After She Starts Heated Romance With Bad Bunny

According to the most recent rumours, Kendall Jenner has a new partner in her life, and Devin Booker, her ex-boyfriend, is not very happy about it.

The reality TV actress and model has been seen several times over the previous two weeks getting close to the Latin musician Bad Bunny.

The Kardashians star and Bad Bunny, real name Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio, were spotted having a heated makeout session at a popular Hollywood location.

Devin Booker, a basketball player, stopped following Kendall Jenner on Instagram a few days after the news of their kissing session went viral.

Before calling it quits in 2022, the former power couple had been together for more than two years. Due to a busy schedule, the reality star and athlete parted ways.

When Booker learned about the hot romance with the flashy rapper, he unfollowed his girlfriend after initially agreeing to keep in touch on social media.

The singer of “Tit Me Pregunt” and Jenner were rumoured to be dating by Deuxmoi, a well-known podcast and social media platform for the entertainment industry.

During the Deux U podcast, the host revealed this delicious information: “I have witnesses on the scene who witnessed [Kendall] exit the Bird Streets Club (in West Hollywood.) She exited the club and drove away in her car. They turned Bad Bunny’s automobile around after two minutes.

That same week, the Puerto Rican star and Jenner were spotted out on their second date. This time, Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber joined Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner for a double date at Nobu Malibu.

The new “It” pair was attempting to dodge the paparazzi, according to a famous source who told The Sun: “It seems she was trying to avoid the paps, and he snuck away. There weren’t many people present, and I believe one of the photographers was unaware of his identity. I am aware that Bad Bunny eventually escaped when Kendall, Justin, and Hailey all came around before 8 p.m. and left about 9 p.m.

The growing romance has sparked a contentious discussion online, with some claiming that it won’t survive because the rapper would leave once he realises that the Kardashian/Jenner curse will lead to their demise.

Others believe that Kris Jenner manufactured this PR gimmick so that her daughter might garner media attention. Some claim that it is only Bad Bunny’s future professional move’s business strategy.

And given that there have been rumours about Justin Bieber and Bad Bunny writing a song together, they might not be entirely off.

According to a source who spoke to the Sun, the party was the talk of the music scene because so many people from the entertainment industry and the fashion industry attended. Although it’s very early, I know that Justin Bieber and Bunny’s fan bases would likely overlap if they worked together.

The two famous people might just be conducting business.


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