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Kim Kardashian Allegedly Bragging About Pete Davidson Relationship, Obsessing Over Kanye West’s Reaction, Rumors Claim

It is Kim Kardashian Her new romance is complete! Pete Davidson In Kanye West‘s face? According to tabloids Kardashian wants to show her ex how much happier she is without him. These are the latest gossip about the Kardashian-West Divorce.

Kim Calls Out Kanye For Being ‘Bad In Bed’?

Shortly after Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson made their relationship public, the National Enquirer Kanye West was reported to be getting a lot of earfuls from his ex-wife. “It’s only dawning on Kim now—as she’s having these incredible hookups with Pete—just how lousy Kanye was in that department,”The whispers of a snitch.

“On one hand, she’s thrilled to have this guy rocking her world and making her feel so special. But she’s also furious with herself for wasting so many years of her life with a total dud.”

These sexy claims were immediately ridiculed by us. While we were sure that Kardashian and Davidson were enjoying each other’s company, we were certain that no one close to them would leak details about their sex life to this rag.

And since Kardashian’s prime focus in separating from West has been protecting her children, we were confident that never intended to hurt West in any way by hooking up with Davidson.

Kardashian and West Dating Each Other?

Then, Inquire Reporters returned to report that West was responding to Kardashian’s accusations with his own fling. West was in a romantic relationship with Julia Fox at the time. Since then, Uncut Gems Star once worked as a dominatrix.

The tipter revealed that she was keeping West’s bedroom exciting. Kardashian was happy to be a part of Davidson’s life. “that hasn’t stopped her from obsessing over Kanye and his new relationship. She’s just so competitive!”The source was a musing.

We pointed out that Kardashian & Davidson kept things very low-key when this report was published. She was making it clear that she wanted to live her own life away from West, and it was obvious that she wasn’t trying to rub anything in his face.

And since there was plenty of drama surrounding West and Kardashian’s split, we weren’t understanding why the tabloid felt the need to muddy the waters with these salacious rumors.

Kris Jenner bragging about Pete Davidson

Finally, however, Inquire revealed that if Kardashian wasn’t going to brag about her relationship with Davidson, her mom was going to do it for her. Apparently, Jenner was eating up all of the drama surrounding Kardashian’s love life since it was sure to make great material for their new reality show.

“A lot of people are convinced Kris is secretly adding fuel to the fire by sending messages to Kanye through their mutual acquaintances about how happy Kim is now that he’s gone and she’s dating Pete,”An insider’s view.

We were unable to understand why Jenner would want to provoke West. Although the Kardashian-Jenners are known for making drama, the tabloid claimed that Jenner was trying to interfere with the father of her grandchildren. Even the Kardashians have limits, and we’re sure this sort of behavior would be pushing them. Overall, the publication wasn’t helping anyone with these offensive, speculative reports.


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