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King Charles ‘burning’ Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘in the tail’ with Archie snub?

King Charles has allegedly planted a major ‘burn’ against Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Archie.

Royal commentator and author Daniela Elser issued these shocking allegations against the Sussexes.

She believes, King Charles’ decision to his coronation on the same day as Archie’s birthday is a “sting in the tail” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

He even went as far as to say that Archie’s bid day will have turned into “a bit of a rubbish one.”

She went on to write, “While the timing of the FA Cup Final and the Epsom Derby was taken into account by Buckingham Palace, according to the Times, it’s pretty surprising that the sixth in line to the throne’s birthday was not.”

According to her piece for News.com.au she added, “That, or the King did not seem to mind co-opting the tot’s day for his own ends.”

Before concluding she summed the choice of date down to either being a ‘burn’ or a callous revision over past chafings.

The day that marks the addition of the first mixed-race member of the royal family is about to be superseded and overshadowed in the history books by the crowning of Grandpa Charles.”


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